Brunch is always a good idea!

Via Sant'Egidio, 37R, 50122 Firenze FI
- Monday closed
- Tuesday-Sunday: 9 AM - 3 PM
Tel: +39 055 240 208

Via Porta Rossa, 63R, 50123 Firenze FI
- Monday closed
- Tuesday-Thursday: 9AM - 9PM
- Sunday: 9AM - 9PM
- Friday-Saturday: 9AM - 11PM
Tel: +39 055 264 5006

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All served with maple syrup and powdered sugar

Grandma Style  //  8.5
A big stack of pancakes with seasonal fresh fruits served on top 

Jack Johnson  //  8.5
Banana pancakes with cinnamon and walnuts: pretend like it’s the weekend now! 

Rooster Stack  //  8.5
Chocolate-chip pancakes topped with a slab of our home-made peanut butter

French Toast  //  8.5
Multi-grain bread dipped in milk, eggs, cinnamon & sugar mixture, chocolate chips, side of whipped cream

French Toast Special  //  10.5
Artisanal brioche bread dipped in milk, eggs and vanilla mixture with caramelized banana and crispy bacon, served with spicy Brandy syrup


Peanut Butter Banana  //  6.5
Home-made peanut butter and sliced banana

Loaded  //  7.5
Fried egg, cheddar, bacon, tomato, mixed greens 

B.L.A.T.  //  7
Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato …add cheddar, mayo or both // 8.0

Lox  //  8.5
Smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, mixed greens, capers

Salmon Avocado  //  8.5
Smoked salmon, avocado, egg, roasted tomato

Double Coast  //  9
Guacamole, bacon, fontina cheese and fresh tomatoes


Caesar  //  11
Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, red cabbage,  freshly grated parmesan, cherry tomato, croutons, creamy homemade caesar dressing

Smoked Salmon Salad  //  11
Mixed greens and quinoa with smoked salmon,  chickpea, confit tomato, cucumber. Topped with mixed seeds and drizzled with our dill dressing 

Protein Power Bowl   //  9.5
Mixed greens, quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, avocado, carrot, cherry tomato, red cabbage, cucumber, olive oil
…add organic grilled chicken   12.0


all served with fries/roasted potatoes

Chicken Ranch Wrap  //  13
Tortilla, grilled chicken, lettuce, bacon, tomato, housemade ranch sauce 

Chicken Cutlet Burger // 13
Panko fried chicken cutlet, guacamole, fresh tomato, lettuce, mayo

Rooster Burger  //  14
100% Angus beef burger, bacon, cheddar, caramelized red onion and lettuce, BBQ sauce, pickle sauce
…add a fried egg  +1.0

Cheese Burger  //  14
100% Angus beef burger, extra cheddar, lettuce, salad, BBQ sauce, pickle sauce

Slow Smoked Burger  //  15
100% Smoked Angus beef, bacon, smoked cheese, salad, smoked baconnaise, confit tomatoes

Pastrami  //  16
Brisket marinated five days with spices, cooked at low temperature ,romaine lettuce, dill mayo, pickles. Served in Tuscany bread

Pulled Pork  //  15
Slow roasted pulled pork with herbs and BBQ sauce, topped with creamy coleslaw

Veggie Burger  //  12
The recipe will change depending on which fresh vegetables are in season


Yogurt Granola Bowl  //  9
Greek yogurt, granola toasted in house, fresh cut seasonal fruit, honey



The Usual  //  6
Smashed avocado served on multi-grain bread 

Rooster Style  //  8
Smashed avocado topped with poached egg. feta, chili flakes, house roasted cherry tomatoes, served on multi-grain bread
…add smoked salmon   +2.0


Veggy Omelet  //  10
4 eggs, seasonal vegetables,  goat cheese, roasted potatoes and salad

Meatlover’s omelet  //  11
4 eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, roasted potatoes and salad

Hash  //  12
3 scramble eggs with seared potato hash, American bacon, grilled onion, cheddar cheese, toast

Chicken n’Waffles //  13
Our house specialty, you won’t find it anywhere else! Panko fried chicken and 2 waffles, served with sides of maple syrup and our home-made honey mustard, spicy paprika

Chicken n’Waffles
Stoner’s version //  18.5
Panko fried chicken and 2 waffles, served with guacamole, cheddar, bacon and two fried eggs, sides of maple syrup and home-made honey mustard, spicy paprika

English Breakfast  //  15
2 eggs how you want ’em, bacon, sausage, grilled vegetables, mushrooms, beans, mini pancake, multigrain bread

Burrito Breakfast  //  12
Tortilla filled with sausage, scrambled eggs, red beans, onion, peppers, avocado, fresh tomato

Classic Benedict  //  13
2 poached eggs, english muffin, Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce, roasted potatoes and salad

Florentine Benedict  //  15
2 poached eggs, english muffin, sautéed spinach, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce, roasted potatoes and salad


toast with butter / jam, or both  //  2.5

side maple syrup  //  1.5

side avocado  //  2

two eggs how you like ‘em  //  2.5

plain bagel with butter   //  2.5

mozzarella sticks  //  5

American bacon   //  2.5

home seasoned sausage  //  3

fresh fruit salad  //  5

fries / roasted potatoes / hashbrowns   //  4

Sweet potatoes fries   //  6
served with a trio of sauces

Side // 0.5
ranch, hollandaise, dill mayo, honey mustard, caesar, enchilada, pikle sauce